Forget the cloud. Use your own storage.

From your smart phone, tablet or computer, you can remotely access, share and stream files from where they were saved. Your own storage now acts like an extension of your remote device.

Access & share from source locations…yes, right from where they are stored

Unlike cloud storage, with FileFlex you access your files in their source locations… Yes, right from where they are stored.  From your smart phone, tablet or computer, you remotely access, share and stream files from where they were saved – from your storage, that you already own, behind your firewall.

No syncing.
No duplication.
No third parties.

Because you access files where you stored them, unlike cloud storage you do not need to upload, sync or duplicate your files to secondary locations such as a private cloud or the computers and servers of third parties as with public and EFSS clouds.

When you store confidential files with cloud providers, you are storing them on a computer that is owned and under the control of someone else. This can create potential issues of ownership, data residency, legal jurisdiction, legalized secret access by law enforcement and third party access and inspection of your company files as well as additional security considerations such as an increased threat surface, breaches and outages.

Access ALL your storage

Unlike cloud storage, you can remotely access ALL of your storage – not just a subset. Access, share and stream from corporate servers, media servers, NAS, SAN, DAS storage, and FTP, Windows, Linux and Mac laptop and desktop computers, and public clouds (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Amazon, Azure & OneDrive), as well as private clouds.

From any device

Remote access to your files from a smart phone, tablet or computer from one dashboard. FileFlex is perfect for the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon that is reshaping the way data is shared in organizations.

Decentralized Edge Cloud Technology

All cloud storage providers, no matter who they are, use the same basic architecture.  They all sync or copy to a centralized cloud server cluster.  FileFlex, on the other hand, uses a decentralized or edge cloud architecture.  No files are stored on our servers.  Instead we use the storage and CPU power of existing client devices. Our server acts like a switchboard to connect users to their own storage.

Our decentralized edge cloud technology improves the organization’s security posture, allows access to all storage, ensures privacy, keeps the management of organizational files under organizational control, accelerates compliance to privacy regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA and leverages the organization’s existing storage infrastructure to produce a disruptive low-cost model that can be applied to all storage.